Bolt Action

Battalion sized miniature game in 28mm scale. Infantry game with support from armoured vehicles, tanks, artillery and warplanes.
The game was developed by Alessio Cavatore og Rick Priestly and Warlord Games and differs very much from the usual "you go, I go" wargaming we are used to. Every unit has an action dice and both players places all their dice in a container. A dice is drawn randomly and hence the order of activivating units is quite random.

It's possible to collect and play all the major factions of the war and multiple of the lesser factions and players of the Second World War.
Warlord abviously produces a wide variety of miniatures in both metal and plastic, the ranges slowly substituting plastic over metal. Many other companies produce and sell infantry and vehicles that fits the game.

Several members of the club collects and plays Bolt Action even though the club itself has not yet agreed to purchase the game.
There is currently several theaters present in the private collections and multiple factions; Normandy Germans, Americans and British armies. Pacific Japanese, East Front Russian, German and Finnish armies. North Africa British and Italian armies.

Kælderklubben is working with the UK-based company, Sally 4th, which has WWII terrain ranges like the Normandy buildings and Sealion themed terrain.

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