Welcome to Kælderklubbens website. Here you will find information regardings events, campaigns, the club and Gaming Club Network EU and UK.

More about the club

Q2 is being scheduled for June 2018 and a Doodle scheduled is available in the Facebook group. If you have any input to the agenda please let us know via the forum. After the Q2 meeting we will be playing a Deadzone tournament in which the two club trophies can be won.

Our website is currently undergoing maintenance and translation into English to accomodate English speaking guests. The increasing contact we have with manufacturing companies in the UK also calls for this change.

Q1 2018 saw all members come up to date with payment. A couple of paint seminars have been planned throughout the year and members get a discount on the fee.

The Blood Bowl tournament is finished and a new one will be starting soon. The new season will be shorter with the idea that rulesfor actions between seasons will be in effect.

The club is supporting Warlord Games in it's ventures into the Danish market. We wish to support with demo games and events as agreed with Warlord Games and local hobby centers.
We also continue our collaboration with Sally4th in both promoting their products and help Chris Abbey of Sally4th in the development of new products.

Early War Miniatures have had support from the club in developing troop types for their 20mm Danish range. Parts of the data provided to EWM have also been forwarded to Two Fat Lardies to use in their "soon to be released" early war expansion to Chain of Command. This will be an addon featuring, among others, the Danes defending Denmark in 1940.
You can buy the miniatures here.

Membership of the GCN has been approved for another year and is currently covering most of 2018.

Find additional information about GCN here.