Welcome to Kælderklubbens website. Here you will find information regardings events, campaigns, the club and Gaming Club Network EU and UK.

More about the club

Q1 is scheduled for March 2018 and will be schedueld using Doodle. If you have any input to the agendy please let us know via the forum.

The last meeting of 2017 took place on 30 December. To summon up the year; we lost two members and gained one, we still have issues with missing membership fees and despite spending more money than in 2016 we are still doung well.

The Blood Bowl tournament is nearing the final.The taunting has already begun.

The club is supporting Warlord Games in it's ventures into the Danish market. in 2018 the club is looking to support the event "Bolt Action invaderer".
We also continue our collaboration with Sally4th in both promoting their products and help Chris Abbey of Sally4th in the development of new products.

Membership of the GCN has been approved for another year and is currently covering most of 2018.

Find additional information about GCN here.